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Monstercat Apparel: The Railtown Collection

Welcome to Railtown! This is our neck of the woods. An offshoot of Downtown Vancouver, minutes away from the towering cityscape. This is a neighbourhood where the best of the best in technological innovation and expression have gathered. A quick tour reveals exciting startups, established worldwide brands, and of course, Monstercat HQ!

3 years ago, we marked our territory, and couldn’t be happier. In addition to the companies that surround us, Railtown enjoys some of the best cafes and restaurants in Vancouver. Not to mention the fantastic food trucks that make their noontime pilgrimage minutes away from HQ.


What we really love about Railtown is the people. They are friendly, laidback, adventurous, and supremely creative. And through the years, we’ve been shaped by the neighbourhood and those located within. The surroundings that cradle HQ make coming to work each day a joy. Monstercat wouldn’t be what is it today without Railtown, and this collection of apparel is as much a tribute as it is a representation of the lifestyle found here.

We’re very proud to launch this line of fashion. It’s a chance for us to share where we come from, and who we are. Thanks for stopping by today, if you’re ready, let’s take a look at Railtown and our new Limited Edition unisex premium apparel.


Photos: Brandon Artis Photography


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